parking / team area information



All general parking is in the Ziggurat parking structure located at 3rd and G Streets for $7/day.  

We want to thank the CA Department of General Services and building management firm JLL for allowing us to use this parking structure. 

PRO TEAM Area/parking

Pro Team area in the STRS Building surface parking lot is available to teams with racers registered in the UCI Elite Categories for $100 for the weekend.  The lot is not on course but is the closest place on site a vehicle can be parked in relation to the pits.  Two spaces will be reserved (one for a vehicle, one for a tent) and waiting for your team vehicle upon arrival.  If we get more registrations than space we will use UCI points to determine who is in.  Contact our Race Logistics Coordinator to get on the list to reserve a spot and get a pass.  

We want to thank building owner CalSTRS and building management firm JLL for allowing us to use this lot and cross the property for this event.

Club team area/parking

An area is reserved on the North End of the course for Club Team tents.  This area is first-come-first-served.  Space is limited so please only use what your team needs.  Parking for club rider vehicles is in the parking structure of the Ziggurat (see above).  Teams may drop equipment (tents, etc) and roofrack bikes near the team area, but there is no parking nearby.   Click here for a course/event map - area is to the far right of the course.  

OVERSIZE VEHICLES:  If your team has a vehicle too large for the parking garage, you may park in the City Lot on 2nd Street paying at the automatic kiosk for $10/day - which is not on course but is very near.  If you need other accommodations please contact our Race Logistics Coordinator.  

Overnight/RV Parking

The City of West Sacramento will allow overnight RV/Sprinter Sleeper parking for this event at the City Lot on 5th and Bridge Street.  This is located on the other side of Raley Field from the course.  There are no RV hookups or services at this lot.  You may park in spaces marked "daily/hourly" and you must pay at one of the automatic kiosks for $10/day.