2018 preliminary course/event map

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The 2.7km long course is mostly in the Riverwalk Park and consists of a paved slightly uphill start straight followed by a tight course design with deep grass, pavement, dirt, gravel, and off-camber sections. 

The course takes advantage of the elevation changes provided by the levee on which the park is located.  There may be one double-barrier obstacle, two natural sand pits, weaving in and out of trees in the park.  The course runs directly in front of a stage with a live band.  There will be a double bike pit (2-way) location in the center of the course, splitting the midway points in each direction. 


COURSE INSPECTION/PREVIEW:  There will be a course preview on Friday, October 5, 2018, from 5:30 p.m. to dusk. 

Each race day there is a UCI-Only course inspection prior to the single speed race. 

Course opens at TBD-SCHEDULE BEING WORKED OUT a.m. for course preview on race days. 

One lap preview of course after each race starting from just past the start/finish. No warmups on course.  Enter the course for inspection 50 meters beyond the Finish Line when directed only (when the winner of the previous race goes through the arch and the last rider on course is a safe distance away, course inspectors will be released by a race official). 

Note:  Course map is an approximation and actual course may vary.  Both days run the same direction but will have changes to keep it interesting.